Driving Courses in Ipswich, MA


Please note.. this page is for our TEEN DRIVERS (ages 16-19). We welcome any teen who has completed the class room portion at any school. If you are enrolled at Brights Driving School, you may start to schedule driving lessons after you begin the classroom sessions. If you are transferring from another driving school, please fill out the registration form first ..Thanks you.

Driving Lessons

Learning to Drive can be a daunting task, but we offer driving lessons in the Hamilton to Salisbury MA area, it can be easy. Sign up today! If you have been driving on the road with your parents just 5 hours, you can start the required 12 hours driving behind the wheel and observing other students driving.

  • Make sure you have your permit with you when we start.
  • Please plan on at least 2 hours time period for each lesson. (one hour driving, one hour observing another student drive.)
  • We will pick you up at school or home as long as you live from Hamilton to Salisbury MA. 
  • Also.. We may pick you up  a half hour early.
  • Please do not wear flip-flops, or heavy work boots.

Every day there is a driver for your area.

  • Please be sure you schedule for the town you will be picked up in. You can schedule in any town, but a parent might have to drive you to that town for pickup.
  • Only 30 days are open daily for scheduling.
  • Lessons are limited only by every 3 days
  • Students are also canceling daily.
  • Please do not book for a 1:30 pick up if you have a class at that time. We do not promote skipping class.
  • Check back often to keep your lessons moving at a regular pace.

 Driving lessons are scheduled Monday – Friday 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 and also Saturday mornings. If you are outside the public high school system and have other times available, or if you have a problem, or special issue…

Please call Mrs. Larson between    7:00-8:30 pm        978-621-0722


If you did not take the classroom session with Brights Driving School, .. No problem. If you are 16 – 18 you must attend the classroom portion somewhere.  Fill out the form on our registration page, tell us where you took the class, and send it to the office by this website.  All we require is that you have been on the road driving 5 hours .  Then feel free to use the link to book your driving lessons.


If  you have not driven on the road at all, and you’re a beginner, we can schedule a “Welcome to the Road Lesson” ($75./hour)  You will have a private lesson early on a Sunday morning to take advantage of light traffic. We will start your driving on the road, and get you familiar with the automobile and its controls.   Hopefully you will be able to start your required 12 hours after some practice. PLEASE CALL 978-356-3833 TO BOOK THIS LESSON. DO NOT USE THE PROGRAM

Note:  FYI To be eligible for our road test, the driving lessons must be completed 18 days or more before the proposed test date.: Check out the Road test page for all information on upcoming road tests

Please note:  everyone wants Saturdays only. From March – November, we do pick up at the sports fields after practice. Please note, we charge for no-shows! $30.weekdays, $50. for weekends.

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