Night Driving, Winter Alert & Snow Days at Brights Driving School

NIGHT DRIVING – Starting after Thanksgiving until Jan. 10th, the 4:30 slot will not be available to schedule. If you have at least 6 lessons completed and you are in sight of your road test, you can call the office and we will schedule a few late lessons. If you are new to scheduling lessons we do not want to start in the dark.  I am sorry if this is an inconvienience, but your safety is a priorty. 


It’s Snowing, why is my lesson cancelled?

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Some driving schools state, ”We drive in all weather”  we don’t.

Let’s look at the reasons why.

  1. We don’t wish to risk having your child injured in a collision, or have your child feel responsible for injuring another student who might be in the car.
  2. COMMON SENSE:  We are New Englander’s who easily hop in the car and drive in any weather, not thinking of the consequences.  With the dawn of more sensitive weather predicting instruments the government has been able to shut down all business and events ahead of dangerous driving conditions.  In doing so, the populace is safe and allow the snow plow drivers to work at their jobs without excessive unimportant cars on the road. With technology, many can work from home.  In this day and age, we can and will stay on the side of safety.Many of the plow drivers may be under a private contract. They may have already worked all day then go out to plow all night, or until and beyond the snow stops. Why put a new driver out on the road with tired plow drivers.  Let them do their job. Just because the plows are out, doesn’t mean the roads are safe to drive on yet.
  3. YOUR ARE A DRIVING SCHOOL, AREN’T YOU GOING TO TEACH MY CHILD TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW? It is not my job. Does a driving school in Florida have to take a student driver onto a hockey rink to teach skid recovery?   No, neither do we.  There is a local school that teaches this. continue to the end of this page to see link. Realistically it may snow while we are on the road. We live in an area with regular winter snow storms.  We rely on the instructor’s best judgement for the student’s skills. Most of the time, we allow them to drive until the roads get overly slippery. Truth be told, we worry more about other drivers than our car going out of control.  In my past years of experience, schools where I have worked with have lost a good working school car due to a storm accident.  (all were caused by the “other driver”) Losing a car disrupts the lesson schedule much more than one day’s cancellation. Between acquisition, registration and outfitting it with extra brakes and mirrors, it could a week or more to get a new car on the road for students. Never mind the possibility of injury for the student or instructor, or the financial burden or increase of insurance payments on our side.

    BTW.. We actually do teach your child more skills than the basic, including adverse driving skills, part of these lessons are below, the PHYSICS OF DRIVING. To build on what we do teach, you might think about taking your child’s skills to the next level by signing them up for the program promoted below.


  1. When your child has their permit, take them to a large parking lot. This allows them the experience the slide in a controlled area with no other cars. Take it EASY.
  2. When they (and you) feel “comfortable”, take them out to drive on some quiet roads. Please reinforce the thought of PHYSICS on the tires, learning to recognize the road ahead. Possibility of loss of FRICTION on an icy patch. Especially on a hidden area around the corner, or over the hill. LOOK AHEAD to see open areas of blowing snow, shaded areas where the sun can’t do its job. Back to PHYSICS.. it’s not just FRICTION of the tires but WEIGHT SHIFT on them.  Starting, stopping, and turning, including curves (especially to the left) puts pressure on certain tires and less on others, increasing the possibility of a slide. Lastly, GRAVITY causing you to speed up when you don’t want to.



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When your child is toward the END of the learning period, enroll them into an accident prevention program. We are very fortunate to have an excellent program locally.

Here is the link.

It is located on Route 125 in North Andover. The school is located in the parking lot on the right of this property:

Look for this sign on Route 125 (Osgood St.)

Coming from Haverhill, it is on the right; from Andover, the left.

OSGOOD LANDING 1600-1650 Osgood Street sign.

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