Massachusetts law states that for individuals under the age of 18, you must complete the full education course in order to be eligible to apply for a licensing road test. This full course also benefits individuals ages 16.5 – 25, a discount in their auto insurance.


TEEN LICENSING COURSE: $800 (Save $100.)


  • 30 Hours of Classroom study
  • 12 Hours of Behind the Wheel lessons
  • 6 Hours observing another student’s driving lessons
  • 2 Hour Parent Seminar  
  • Certification of Completion with the Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • ……AND..A  ROAD TEST for licensing [B]
YOUNG ADULT (18-24) PACKAGE: $350. (NO insurance benefit)

This is for the individual who already can drive, looking to just pass their road test. they are not interested in the Insurance discounts

  • 6 hours of REVIEW driving lessons [C] 
  • A Road Test for Licensing


  • Classroom only: $300.
  • 12 Driving Lessons $480. [D]
  • Parent Seminar $20. (FREE for our students) [E]
  • RMV Certification of Completion $20. [F]
  • Road Test Licensing Sponsorship $150.
  • Sponsored Road Test No Show  $40.
  • Welcome to the Road [G]  $75./hr. (little or NO experience)
  • Students taking the full course $480.00 (12 lessons@$40/hr.)
  • Transfer Course Students $40./hr.   ** For payment plans please check out A below
  • Adult ( 25 – 100 years old) Private Lesson $50./hr. ($75.– 90 min.)
  • RMV testing $150.[H] ($250.)
  • Special Detail Road Test –  $150. [I] 
  • Competency Testing at the RMV $250.[J]
  • Paperwork Fee $20.
    • for any printed copy of class/course records.
    • copy of any letters sent to Registry/schools
  • Missed lessons[K]
    • Weekday $35.
    • Weekend $50.
  • Parent Seminar non-attendance fee $50.[L]
  • Bounced check $35.[M]
  • Sponsored Road Test NO SHOW FEE $40.


[A] This fee is easily split for easy payments. A $50 deposit is required to hold the seat, with $250 due the first day of class.

Then once the driving starts the client may pay $500. (12 lessons and Certification) on lesson #1 .. or payment plan $125.00 due on lesson #1, 3, 6, 9.      

Transfer students pay $150.00 on lesson #1,3,6,9  to include road test price.


[B] We offer the road test at no initial cost to our students. If the student needs another test the fee is only $40/test.


[C] Depending on the skill lever more lessons may be needed, the fee/hour will be the same as our Full Course students ($40.00)


[D] We require the student drive ON THE ROAD for a minimum of 5 hours with a parent prior to any group driving lesson.

If you wish the driving school to teach your child how to drive, please order a “Welcome to the Road” lesson. ($75) (G)


[E] This fee is for parents whose children attend another school. Please call to register. Bring a copy of your child’s permit with you on Seminar night.


[F] This is included in the full course, this fee is added to the driving lesson fee and split over the 12 lessons. One payment $500. two payments $250; four payments; $125.


[G] This is for the beginning student no matter the age. For the student aged 16 – 21,  these hours ARE NOT included in the 12 required driving lessons.


[H] We pick-up at our office or your home, offer a quick review, drive to the Registry and return you home. We schedule the test with a Registry that is convenient to travel to within 30 minutes. (Lawrence/Haverhill) all other Registrys $250.


[I] If you are from another driving school or an adult wishing to become licensed we require a 1 hour review lesson on a day prior to the test.  We reserve the right to cancel or refuse to include you in our Special detail test due to your skill level.


[J] This includes 3 review lessons. We schedule the test with a Registry that is convenient to travel to within 40 minutes.


[K] The student must have a permit to drive. If the student forgets to have the permit when picked up we cannot let them drive.  If the lessons is cancelled under 24 hours from drive time, or the student forgets to be at the pickup point.


[L] We require a parent attend within the first 3 months of the student starting the program with Brights Driving. If the parent misses the third month, the scheduled driving lessons may be cancelled. If the parent does not attend on the 4th month, a $50. fee will be added to the account each month.


[M] If this happens more than once the student will be on a cash only status.

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