Next UPCOMING Road Test’s


 9/25 – Projections for the next test date is some day around November 4th, To qualify all driving lessons must be done by October 16th. 

1. To qualify entry to the test list, you must be either 18 years of age or older, or have completed all your lessons 3 weeks before the test date. If you are 18, and want to go on the test make sure we know.

2 On test day, all testing will be first come first serve, IF.. I have your road test application and you come all set to test. If I do not have your application, we will have to fill it out then, and others may be ahead of you in the queue. For your comfort and amusement, we will be showing a movie for those who are waiting. 

3. I do have a number of adults who will be given a primary slot in queqe when they arrive.

4 All road test preps will be open to schedule a few days before the test date….   T.B.A.             Please schedule with the “office instructor” on the lesson website. There will be NO door to door service. You must meet us at the classroom.

Look below to make sure you have completed all of the required tasks. Do not wait until the last minute.


THINGS TO DO:  Please read and take care of all six (6) items on the list.  Numbers 3 & 4 have links to the RMV site. mouse click to get the form connect to the RMV site to pay.

1. First things first. get all of the information about our road tests. read this page:A Road Test with BRIGHTS

2. Look at your permit, if  it is damaged, in pieces, or the numbers are unreadable, or your face has worn off, or anything is stuck to it so you cannot read any part of the permit…. GET A NEW ONE!!   If the back is taped, laminated  ….GET A NEW ONE. (go to ANY  RMV $15.) IF YOU DO NOT REPLACE YOUR PERMIT, THE EXAMINER CAN REFUSE TO TEST YOU!

3.  Print out and fill out the Class D Road Test application IN BLACK INKBy your last lesson, or soon after, give it to your instructor or drop it off at the office. Leave it in the BRIGHTS mailbox outside next to the office entrance.    

Class D Road Test Application 

4. Pay the Registry for the for the license ($50.) and test appointment($35.).  (FYI..any money you paid Brights Driving is for the sponsorship of a road test… not the registry fees) FYI.. If you are wondering if you already paid or not, use the link and fill out the information. It will only take money if it is owed, if you have already paid it will tell you your do not owe any money at this time.

Pay the License Fees

If your fees are not paid before the test, you will have to either:   (BTW..your license will not be processed until they are paid)

  • Go to the Registry and pay them 24 hours AFTER YOUR TEST you will be given a temporary license to drive
  • Pay them online after your test – then wait (7-10 days) for your license to arrive in the mail. Only then will you be able to drive by your self.(Your permit will remain a permit, and you can drive with a licensed adult.)

5. Contact your insurance company about the car the new driver will be using. Once they are licensed, they must be included on the insurance policy. Decide which car the new driver will be allowed to drive. If you do not choose, the Insurance Company might charge you for the new driver to drive the most expensive vehicle.

6. Make sure you go onto the driving lesson site and sign up for a slot for the test review.

Make sure you keep your skills sharp.. practice… practice… practice.  The more you drive and practice the road test skills, the smoother the day will run and the quicker the line will move. ROAD TEST SKILLS= parallel parking, three point turns, backing up straight, securing your vehicle on a hill

Sign in below to see if you are on the list.  After we get a date, the times to arrive will be listed. No need to keep checking, I will notify you of the date on THIS page.

Brights students- no need to fill out a form, are already on my list.  To have your Certification of Completion sent into the Registry of Motor Vehicles, you must be PAID IN FULL, & DONE WITH ALL THE DRIVING LESSONS. Once your certificates are received you are put on the list.

If you are an adult looking for a road test, you must fill out the request form.  Cost is $150.00 it includes a mandatory pre-test review/lesson a few days before. 

Application for a road test sponsorship with Brights Driving